Red Rose: Love, Romance Red Rose: Love, Romance

Good morning from a cool Hastings day.

This week JEN H. from The Daily Post has asked us for symbols.  So what else can I show, except my favourite flowers – Roses.  I just love their smell and the many varied colours.  I can’t grow them, but we do have a public rose garden for me to get my fix.

Pink Rose:Love, Gratitude, Appreciation Pink Rose:Love, Gratitude, Appreciation

There are so many different websites with different meanings for the different colours.  These meanings come from:

White Rose: Marriage, Spirituality, New Starts White Rose: Marriage, Spirituality, New Starts

Roses have been long used as symbols in a number of societies. Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. “Rose” means pink or red in a variety of languages (such as the Romance languages and Greek).

Orange: Enthusiasm, Passion Orange: Enthusiasm, Passion

The rose was sacred to a number of goddesses including Isis, whose rose…

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