A great article about Dracula and Dublin, Ireland by my brilliant cousin, Stewart Stafford! Enjoy!


In a suburb of West Dublin called Ballyfermot lies the inconspicuous sign pictured below.

The Vorbing, Le Fanu Road, Stewart Stafford © 2014, Stewart Stafford. All rights reserved.

The people that live there may not know what the name means or where it leads to but it is the beginning of not only Count Dracula but of the vampire legend itself.

You may wonder why Dublin has such an association with vampires, dear readers, but it becomes clearer when you remember that the festival of Hallowe’en began in pagan Celtic Ireland. Hibernia (or “the land of winter” as the Romans called the Emerald Isle) was awash with superstition and the supernatural. From the Banshee (“bean” is Irish for woman and “shee” is the Anglicized pronunciation of “sídhe” which means fairy or ghost), to the ubiquitous leprechauns (a jovial re-imagining of the malevolent fairies that abducted babies and replaced them with changelings)…

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