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Ed Mooney Photography

“The Dullahan serves no master but death.”

An Dullahan 2

Now for a more sinister tale from Irish lore. The Dullahan is the original Headless horseman on which the character from the 1820’s tale The Legend of Sleepy Hollow may be based. The Dullahan or Gan Ceann is said to be a dark Faerie, a collector of souls, whom roams the countryside at midnight in search of suitable souls to take. People say that he  is dressed in a long black cloak, the Dullahan has no head on his shoulders and is usually seen riding a large black horse and carrying his head under one arm. Little is known as to why this monster carries his head under his arm or how in fact he became separated from it. But the head’s eyes are said to be huge which constantly dart about like fire- flies, and it has a mouthful of hideous razor…

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