Dear IAS-NAB members,

At the business meeting of the IAS-NAB in May, the members present proposed and approved by vote four sessions for Kalamazoo 2014. Subsequently, the congress organizers of the Medieval Institute approved only three of the four topics and told us we could only offer two panels, leaving to us the choice of those two. After consultation with our Executive Advisory Committee, a consensus emerged that the following two would probably have the widest appeal and attract the most proposals:
1. Anti-formalist Arthur: Postmodern Perspectives on Medieval Arthurian Texts – organized by Steve Atkinson (steve.atkinson@park.edu)
2. Lost in Translation: Negotiating Foreign Languages in Arthurian Literature – organized by Michael Twomey (twomey@ithaca.edu) and Bonnie Wheeler (bwheeler@smu.edu)

If you are on the congress mailing list, you will soon receive the official Call for Papers for all the sessions approved for 2014. You may already consult it online at:
http://www.wmich.edu/medieval/files/call-for-papers-2014.pdf. As you know, proposals are due by 15 September. They should be submitted directly to me as the contact person (grimbert@cua.edu), with a copy to the organizer(s) of the session.

Although we were dismayed that only two of the four sessions we proposed were approved, many other sponsoring organizations suffered a similar fate. I was told by the congress organizers that this across-the-board reduction stemmed from their desire both to offer as diversified a program as possible and to keep the number of sessions at a manageable level. They claim to have received many more proposals than usual for next year. The sponsoring organizations that fared the best proposed a variety of activities, e.g., a session of papers, a round table, and a performance. We may do better next year if we are a little more innovative in the kinds of sessions we propose!

Joan Tasker Grimbert
President, IAS-NAB
Professor of French & Medieval Studies
The Catholic University of America